Tailored Talks was born of a collaboration between Pogo Studio, senior Scottish clinicians and Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, and was developed in response to the challenges of shared decision making in healthcare. Our innovative platform enables clinicians to share high-quality, consistent information with patients and their families via shareable, downloadable presentations that are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

Often when patients receive information from their healthcare providers, it comes in the format of generic leaflets, factsheets and booklets. Often a significant proportion of the information contained in this literature may not apply to the individual patient and their condition, leading to confusion, overwhelm and distress as they try to work out which parts of which leaflets are relevant to them.

Tailored Talks offers clinicians a simple, easy-to-use technical solution to ensure that every patient gets only the information that’s relevant to them. Our system contains comprehensive libraries of individual, powerpoint-style slides with bite-sized information about diagnoses, treatments, prognoses and other practical details that patients need to feel fully informed about their condition. Clinicians can then quickly filter and search the system to create “pick and mix” presentations from the slides, ensuring their patients receive clear, relevant information that has been tailored specifically for their needs.

Tailored Talks can be viewed as slide shows at the bedside, or emailed to patients and their carers where appropriate, making this helpful, tailored information as accessible as possible. It can also be viewed on a Patient Portal where patients can login to their own version of Tailored Talks. On this, they can view, download and share any Tailored Talks that have been created for them.

Our vision is to make information-sharing and shared decision-making as clear and as easy as possible for patients and clinicians, providing support and confidence through innovations in digital healthcare.

If you would like to find out more about Tailored Talks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Providing a secure platform for clinicians to track patient information, observations and updates, our new product Care Calendar improves communications and information flow in healthcare whilst protecting patient privacy. Developed in partnership with clinicians in NHS Scotland and The University of Edinburgh, Care Calendar provides a top-down view of the ward, enabling clinicians to stay up to date on the days, weeks and months ahead.

Care Calendar is our latest innovation in digital healthcare. Our browser-based system enables medical staff to track, monitor and report on the daily checks and events that patients require in hospital, and enables prompts and escalations where necessary to ensure that every patient receives the correct care at the right time.

Created in partnership with clinicians in NHS Lothian and The University of Edinburgh, Care Calendar will support excellence in clinical care, providing a safety net for medical

colleagues who may currently rely on paper forms and manual processes. By providing reminders, reports, prompts and robust process flows, Care Calendar will support smooth-running healthcare environments and boost confidence in care standards.

If you would like to find out more about Care Calendar, please don’t hesitate to contact us.